photo 2 : from Vogue Home of Consuelo Castiglioni of Marni. In Fromentera, off  the coast of Spain. Shot by Francois Halard / 2004

photo 4 : Observatory Housein Roca Blanco, Mexico. Designed by Mexican artist Gabriel Orozco and built by architect Tatiana Bilbao. Shot by Iwaan Baan

photo 6: Merida, Mexico from Mexico Guru

photo 8: Observatory house by Iwan Baan




James Turell light tunnel at MFAH. Always enjoyable. Again, Again, Again and Again..

Fresh Snapper delivery from In Our Waters

Main street: charming in the right light

Stellar plantain chips with chimichurri at MKT Bar in Phoenicia Foods

Will be collecting these. Baked off some Pav buns and this is the result left behind on the parchment paper. How could I not see the beauty in this?

Tree trunk and vines.

Floral Foraging. Beautiful yet completely invasive coral vine paired with back yard limes.

Early morning sky. Before the storm.



“I have a terrible need…shall I say the word?…of religion. Then I go out at night and paint the stars.”

-Vincent van Gogh


photo above from Floating by Zhao Huasen

…”The bicycle seats, position of the riders, and the shadows on the streets remain intact, allowing viewers to easily access the story of the picture.”

via the incredible and inspiring Ignant

a gorgeous website I can spend hours on perusing.

from A Sign in Space by Gunilla Klinberg

Inspiration is everywhere and usually at close reach. Waiting…



Blooming Eucalyptus

Really nothing compares to the San Francisco Flower market (and Brannan Street Wholesale flowers within it). The abundance, selection, variety is endless and completely amazing in that place. This is a HUGE understatement. The SF Flower mart is a paradise I tell you!

Needless to say, it’s a whole different story a few states over. I’m moments away from befriending someone from parks department, just so I can get a handle on all the Acorn and Magnolia they are trimming back and shedding..I’d love to use it.

I’m still adjusting to what I am able to get from the flower warehouse we have account with for the restaurant. I’m hearing quite a bit of : It’s not in season.

Secretly, I know this to be true. Secretly, I also know everything is in season somewhere. Alas, it’s for the best. Always to use what is growing now: in California (where most of it comes from).

And though my floral rep.had no idea as to what I was talking about when I said : Do you have any tall bunches of figs-on-the-stem? She did mention she had some blooming Eucalyptus this week, and I was quick to say:

Yes, please, I’ll take 5 bunches.






The Pursuit Aesthetic via Wit and Delight


Going Big with Baby’s Breath at the entry. 5 bunches stuffed delicately into a tall vase

Blackberry galettes with fresh figs from the Eastside Farmer’s Market.

GSM from Gerard Bertrand is a sure thing.

Bicycle chic via The Sartorialist.

Explored the downtown tunnels. Thoughts: feels like an outdated airport. Could do with a tram. Or Segway.

Here. There.

Ira lives in Croatia with her husband and two kids. Photo from their recent jaunt over to Veliki Kornat….simply, simply, breathtaking.




Film > The Intouchables

“If we really want to live, we must have the courage to recognize that life is ultimately very short, and that everything we do counts.”
Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, Death: The Final Stage of Growth

Highly, highly recommend the film The Intouchables. Can’t say enough good things about it. One of the best films I’ve seen this year. Beautiful and brilliant, among many other things.