My favorite way to use carnations: cut short in mass.

Got a hold of some wild purple Lisianthus. Paired alone in lassi cups, and then combined with local pecan branches.

Bullet allium and red Eucalyptus were exciting finds from my floral wherehouse this week.

Re-rooting a succulent by enclosing it in a square cube with a splash of water. Only takes a few days to grow new roots.

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Sweet Peas


Happened upon some Sweet Peas while killing time before viewing a film in Museum District, a few months back. This was much to my delight, as I have very very fond memories of purchasing this coveted and fragrant flower at the Ferry Building. By the handful, for close to nothing.

After indulging in a nice meal of moules frites, I took a to-go cup full of water and helped my self to some sweet peas.They Fit nicely in my bag and accompanied me to the French Film fest. No complaints! Yes they are short-lived, by so worth the joy,delight and wonderful smell..