Wild mini-sunflowers

Considering there is/was a drought around these parts, I’ve recently observed wild over-grown bushes of mini-sunflowers just about everywhere. This can only indicate> the times we are living in aren’t as hopeless as they sometimes seem to be. Or that a few of Rick Perry’s prayers were answered? I’m sure flowers were in his prayers.

Needless to say wild-sunflowers are growing along sides of major roads, in big empty fields and lining a bike path I’m fond of taking. It is a nice sight, considering the wild-flowers that should have been (months prior) never bloomed to fruition. Here they are, now sprouting up after that last and brief rain.

Large sun flowers tend to grow vertically, but this wild mini-variety grows horizontally and all over the place. It is more like a hunched over and tangled web. Speckled with tiny yellow flowers weaved amongst the stems, it looks like a bush of weeds from a distance.. As soon as I spotted the bush below I knew that it could use some help by being pruned back. As well, it was slightly obstructing a walk-way. I thought some fall-trimming was in order.

One large stem yielded a nice wild arrangement. I decided to keep some of the dried pods (on the stem) in the medley and arranged the wild blooms in a vintage vase I dug up. I think the pods add a nice dimension and create a good balance in the arrangement between what is new and what is old. Balance is always the motive.