floating zinnias and marigolds

One of the perks of working in the flower industry is leftovers. Sometimes you end up with more flowers than you need. This is both a good thing and an unfortunate thing. There may be leftovers from a business account, from a special function or even a beautiful wedding. Such was the case last weekend when I was happy to come home with some leftovers. It’s not often that this happens after a wedding, but when it does occur I’m certainly thankful to help out with the clean-up.

Last weekend I assisted with two weddings, designed by a wonderful and brilliant floral designer I work with often. One wedding was held at Headlands Center for the Arts, which is right past the Golden Gate bridge on the north side. It is a lovely and remarkable space.

Here’s what I did with some of the leftover flowers.

Image above of floating flowers: It’s common for zinnias and marigolds to become detached from their stems. I love floating flowers even just for a temporary moment of brightness.

I combined a marigold, a bit of thistle and a few stems of bachelor’s button (vada mulla) with a big orange and small cherry-colored dahlias (from Thursday Farmer’s market).

A single marigold head fits perfectly in a candle holder.

Hanging on to thistle. I love using empty wine bottles (in this case Lava Vine port)

to host random stems.

Delicious smelling roses (still going strong) with more thistle in a Bodum French press single cup. Enjoying this beauty in my office.

I also ended up with a few stems of purple Vanda orchids ( a personal favorite). I paired them with orange orchids (from Headlands wedding) and existing backyard succulent (in need of company).

I also paired the same purple and orange couple with a very large backyard succulent and more of the fuchsia-colored bachelor’s buttons.

The bright colors are a much-needed lift to lingering Summer fog…

Feels like ‘Summer’ inside minus the triple digits.


I am too excited and too honored, when this fabulous Floral Designer, asks me to cover her Monday account. She has impeccable style and gorgeous taste, so of course I’m flattered that she would ask me to install.

Last year, I’ve had the great opportunity to work with and assist her with several weddings and it was such a wonderful learning experience. I have also had great fun in covering several of her restaurant accounts (Coco 500 and Foreign Cinema) when she is out-of-town.

Monday is an early day and a busy day at the San Francisco Flower Market. I’m always eager to see what flowers she has ordered for the account. This past Monday I was so happy to see Quince branches in the bundle. This is the time of year when all of the flowering branches are in season. They add such beautiful simplicity to arrangements as well as looking perfect all on their own.

Also included in the arrangement are Mandarin (on the stem), Pincushion Protea, Thistle (Eryngium) and a cluster of blue-gray berries, whose name I do not know.I’ve seen it before, but unsure of the exact name. The berry reminds me a bit of a Juniper berry, but the stems are without leaves.

Here is a close-up of the base of the arrangement.

I just love the way the whole arrangement looks ‘bountiful’ and abundant with berries and citrus. As well the colors and textures are a little on the wild side and remind me of a tropical island.