Yellow, Pink and Green

Ventured out yesterday to properly enjoy the phenomenal 77 degree weather that was occurring. If only it would last and last…but anyhow I happened to notice some lovely mini-sunflowers and lantana growing in a vacant lot near the train tracks.
In the bag they went. Where else would they go?

There’s also a lime and fig tree nearby, so I delicately snipped some trimmings from each tree. Also added a few stems of nondescript greens, that were clogging a pathway in the front and really needed to be removed.

Because the flower elements were short to begin with, I went with a natural hand-tied bouquet which I later plopped into the aqua ball jar.

Simple and understated.


As much as I miss living in the Bay area, I have to admit one thing: I don’t miss having perpetually dry skin, under constant layers of clothing. Here we are in March and the temperatures around these parts have been in the low 70’s at night and almost in the 80’s during the day. It is all a little strange, a little pleasant and also a little scary (foreshadowing to early Summer). We’ve had some consistent rain this year  and with the mild temperatures, everything is popping up with color.

I’ve been enjoying this early evening weather by running in the Bayou, and I couldn’t help notice these beauties on my way out yesterday.

A neighbor’s yard is filled with fresh new whispers of blooms. They are all multi-colored wildflowers and these happen to be sneaking out side of the fence.

Though not the longest lasting as a cut flower, they sure do make a temporary presence that is undoubtedly enchanting.