Yellow, Pink and Green

Ventured out yesterday to properly enjoy the phenomenal 77 degree weather that was occurring. If only it would last and last…but anyhow I happened to notice some lovely mini-sunflowers and lantana growing in a vacant lot near the train tracks.
In the bag they went. Where else would they go?

There’s also a lime and fig tree nearby, so I delicately snipped some trimmings from each tree. Also added a few stems of nondescript greens, that were clogging a pathway in the front and really needed to be removed.

Because the flower elements were short to begin with, I went with a natural hand-tied bouquet which I later plopped into the aqua ball jar.

Simple and understated.

Lantana & Garlic Chives

Found some Lantana and dried garlic chives close by. I am learning my lesson on what I can forage and what I cannot. Or rather, shouldn’t.

These two were in a “safe zone” (questionable property). Though yesterday I went out to get a nice cup of dirty chai at my local coffee-house. On my return I noticed some very beautiful large aloe plants. It was obvious they were on private property but I was tempted nonetheless. I jumped off my bike and parked it. It immediately fell on my foot (as I write this with said foot elevated and iced) and there went my whole cup of steaming hot dirty chai, all over the pavement. I decided this was a clear sign not to do what I wanted to do, which was pull that aloe from the ground.

Alas, I am enjoying the Lantana. I love the mix of blooming flowers with non-blooming stems. Adds for a nice texture variance. The blooms of the garlic chives are dried and very delicate. This tiny arrangement is offering a nice earthy scent on a side table.


Benefits of walking through any neighborhood: noticing the tiny joys of nature not normally noticed when behind the wheel of a speeding car. And then there’s walking off your lunch (very important).

Yesterday I made my way from Revival Market, belly full with a delicious pulled pork pressed sandwich with sweet pickles, and an out-of-this-world amazing moon pie made by Fluff Bake Bar. I have to admit, it was a great lunch.

Strolling back to my destination I noticed these beautiful orange berries hanging against a public fence. Wild Lantana covered the ground. Lantana is a favorite flower. It is both delicate and hearty, growing really well in Texas’ un-forgiving and blistering temperatures. It is native to tropical regions of the ‘Americas’ and ‘Africa’ which is no surprise as to why it flourishes so well in Texas. A bit of trivia new to me, is that it is known as ‘ham and eggs’, because of the pink and yellow flower clusters.

I took the opportunity to begin and impromptu flower arranging session, street side. Would you believe not one person noticed what I was doing? They might have been driving too fast…

I arranged this wild Texas bouquet in an empty Topo Chico bottle. I just love the way it looks styled against a colorful background of sidewalk art by my two famed nephews. They are budding artists, among other things.