Blooming lime

The lime tree is covered in fragrant blooms and equally covered with delicious bees…I just couldn’t resist plucking a few sprigs from it today, and at the same time giving the ol’ Texas Mountain Laurel tree a little break.

I love taking 20 plus photos and having 3 to 5 good ones to choose from. Seems to always work that way, hence the reason I shoot 20 plus images. Here are 2 shots I happen to like. They are both similar angles, almost identical in fact, but each has a different back ground. Still undecided on which I like better..

I took some existing dried Crespedia (Billy’s Balls) out of its tiny vase and added the blooming lime, along with cotton on the stem and dried tallow berry.

Quite pleased with this small medley. Fresh, bright, cheery and fragrant sans bees.

Mysterious foliage

It’s always important to look up. You never know what might be falling….

As I strolled through Buffalo Bayou the other day, I caught myself -looking up-into the sky. What caught my attention was quite a lovely tree. From its branches were iridescent pockets of petals which gleamed like sea shells in the ocean. Had the ocean been in the sky.


So I proceeded to climb the tree. Just kidding.

But, as gravity would have it, some of these striking branches had fallen from the tree. To my luck. What a find this is. I only wish I had more.

I paired it with a few stems of some existing tallow berry and cotton. The more I admire this dried arrangement the more I’m thinking how nice this would look as a wreath or as a table arrangement.

It has a nice seasonal December feel about it without screaming ‘red’ and ‘green’. Back to the Bayou then…

and p.s., I have no idea what it is.