Return to Succulence

One of the many things I left behind in Texas upon moving to the Bay area two years ago are plants. I had built up quite a collection over the years, and you could say I loved having plants around me. In particular succulents. In drought prone and scorching hot (Hello 106) Austin and Houston, I tended to gravitate towards succulents, aloes and the cactus variety. In such a unforgiving climate they are clearly the hardiest and the most logical choice. As well, I just love how they multiply with ease. All one does is break off a stem, get it rooting in some water (with the help of sunlight) and then replant. Voila! Just that easy. I knew when I moved I was definitely going to build up my plant collection again. Since I’ve been so fortunate to have a friend gift me with a whole soccer team of succulents. Here’s what they are looking like right now.

And just when you thought it was over, it isn’t. I have to include the new plants that I have acquired. Here are some pencil plant clippings (in the process of rooting).

Recently, I sort of assaulted an over-grown pencil plant tree that happened upon in L.A. In return I got a stem of the tree plus one very serious red and almost oozing left eye. Beware when handling pencil plant. When the stems are cut, there is an incredibly dangerous milky white substance that it is excreted. It causes an allergic reaction and in some cases shortness of breath. Lucky for me I just had a very allergic reaction (all through dinner). Alas I’m hoping that this cut finally reaches somewhere around the 4 ft. height of the planted I gifted to a neighbor before I moved.

Last but not least a cute little Echeveria that picked up in the Muni station recently. I promptly planted it in a treasured dish from Mexico which formerly held keys and loose change. I think this plant suits the dish perfectly.

I love leftovers

Leftover clippings from the weekly installation. I gladly took some home.

I clipped the succulent from a pot outside. Added it to protea clippings, Grevillea leaves (also tucked into the bottom of the vase) and  very tall burgundy stems which look a bit like Amaranthus, but less droopy. They are  hearty and last for weeks. This worked well in the guest room this weekend.

New Succulent Plants

My succulent collection is slowly growing again. I have a friend that is moving from the city to Marin and wanted to give some plants away. These are gorgeous and I was delight to get them off her hands. They are also varieties I’ve never had the pleasure to grow.

As well, the lovely floral designer I assist once a week, was kind enough to send me home with a few succulents as well. I can’t wait to see how these little spiky plants multiply!