Roses and Figs

I recently bought some lovely store-bought roses. I just can’t resist this color of rose when I see it. It isn’t often I do buy flowers, or even roses, so a splurge now and then is entirely necessary in my book.

Un-ripe figs (from close by) and wild grass is added to the mix to give the arrangement a more earthy and less frilly feel.


Figs and Coral Vine

My favorite red flower blooms. Still have no idea as to what it is..

Trimmed a sunflower bloom off of a stalk that is nearly as tall as my house (yes, really). Fits nicely in a cherished and empty Honig wine bottle.

Cute blooms acquired. Don’t know what these are either.

Clearly, I don’t know everything.

Wild Onions

Found these wild onions and sweet wild white flowers (with yellow center) in the Bayou yesterday after my run…completely elated (as you can see) with the intricacy and free growth of the stems of the onions. The white flowers remind me a bit of the flowers from the strawberry plant. I’m not sure what they are exactly.

And I’m guessing the other lot are wild onions and not wild chives, as during a search it appears the wild chives bloom purple flowers. I could be wrong. Will research some more. Regardless these are part of the Allium family. I’m keeping them in a vase and they won’t end up in my eggs until I can determine it is not Crow’s Poison.