Texas Mountain Laurel : Two trees

*Updated/February 19,2012

And suddenly it was there. Damp from the rain.
A tree is not just a tree. What looked like a just a tree yesterday, revealed itself to be a Wisteria tree today. Well, what I thought was a Wisteria tree is actually a tree called Texas Mountain Laurel.

Both have fragrant purple flowers that hang in clusters. Though Wisteria is quite invasive and also grows as a “woody climbing vine”, Texas Mountain Laurel begins as a short shrub and develops into a medium size tree. Interesting that the smell of Texas Mountain Laurel is compared to that of ‘grape soda’. This couldn’t be any more true. It is very strong but also sweet and pleasant.

Incidentally both Wisteria and Texas Mountain Laurel are part of the Fabaceae family, or also commonly known as the pea/legume family.

What a pleasant surprise to discover such a sweet-smelling tree in such close proximity. So close.

I’m BEYOND thrilled…

If you have ever encountered the bounty of perfume Texas Mountain Laurel exudes, then you know of the delight in which I speak. And you also might know of the delight of Wisteria. I need not say more.