Picked up some Hyacinth recently (at the store). Hyacinth is a bit like tapioca, you either love it or hate it. Once upon time, when I worked at florist, I had a woman want to return a bunch of Hyacinth. She said there was something wrong with it, and that it had the most horrible smell. She couldn’t believe we were selling it.

Yes, Hyacinth can sometimes create that type of reaction. It does have a very strong, pungent odor that can be overwhelming for sensitive noses. I happen to not mind the smell. It also helps to separate the stems (put them in other places), so that the blooms are not all contained in one area.

I put a stem in the my kitchen right above the sink.

Works well in a drinking glass, with a small section of a very large palm frond from the front yard. More on that later.