Yellow, Pink and Green

Ventured out yesterday to properly enjoy the phenomenal 77 degree weather that was occurring. If only it would last and last…but anyhow I happened to notice some lovely mini-sunflowers and lantana growing in a vacant lot near the train tracks.
In the bag they went. Where else would they go?

There’s also a lime and fig tree nearby, so I delicately snipped some trimmings from each tree. Also added a few stems of nondescript greens, that were clogging a pathway in the front and really needed to be removed.

Because the flower elements were short to begin with, I went with a natural hand-tied bouquet which I later plopped into the aqua ball jar.

Simple and understated.

More Bottlebrush

I couldn’t resist picking this bunch of Bottlebrush and added a few things to go with it while on a hike yesterday. As I mentioned before in several earlier posts, Bottlebrush grows everywhere and the bushes of this wiry red flower are huge. I can’t help but feel I’m doing helpful trimming.

Also included in the hand-tied bouquet are a fragrant white flower and a sprig of a wild pink flower. I am not sure what variety of flowers the white and pink are. I just love pink and red as a combination is arrangements. Always reminiscent of Valentine’s Day.