Queen Anne’s Lace

“There’s nothing left here. At least nothing with a bloom”.

That’s what he said.

I was at this past Saturday’s Farmer’s Market at the Ferry Building, wandering around, avoiding the lines of Roli Roti and scanning the booths of produce.

I was in the mood for flowers. The flower stall that I like to go to (behind the building in front of Sur La Table) was absolutely wiped out of flowers. So my partner chimed in, stating the very obvious.

Yes, nothing had a bloom at this stall. Oh well.

There were Tulips and Anemones, offered from a grower  in the front of the building, but something about the soft colors of purple and light green caught my eye.

This is Queen Anne’s lace and a bunch of a light-colored lavender plant. It is quite interesting. I’m not sure what it is. Rather I didn’t pay well enough attention to the tiny sign attached to it.

I am really loving the textures of the two together. Very romantic and sweet. It’s just missing some blown open white Peonies.

I also decided to chop the stems and do an arrangement in a 5 x 5 glass cube. I do like Queen Anne’s lace as a tall composition, but when it is short and full, it is absolutely gorgeous. See below.

Maybe next time I’ll get something with a ‘bloom’.

But right now I’m loving the soft, delicate, textures of this lavender and minty green arrangement.


I assisted with a gorgeous wedding in Tiburon this past weekend. The weather couldn’t have been lovelier and the flowers turned out amazing. There were a few stems left over that I was happy to take home and fashion into a short full arrangement.

Above is Dusty miller with lemon yellow Dahlias. I’ve seen so much of Dahlias this Summer (as they are in season) and you’d think by now I’d be tired of them, but I am not. They are still my absolute favorite flower.

Pink spray roses look great with the Dusty Miller. This whole arrangement has brightened my formerly dull, bedside table.

I love that I found these square vases at Ross for next to nothing.