With Summer in mind, I made this arrangement a few days ago.Though the weather in the bay doesn’t feel or cooperate like typical ‘summer’ weather (at the moment), the colors are a much-needed boost to combat morning and afternoon fog. But I’m careful not to complain too much, as there is no way I’d trade lingering fog in July/August for 106 degree temperatures.

Geranium, kale, dahlias, sunflowers, blackberry, lime


In the mood for purples and greens (with a touch of white), I created this arrangement using kale as my inspiration. I used both blue hydrangea and a stem of antique hydrangea that has high tones of purple.

White garden roses, burgundy dahlias and jasmine vine are also included. Silver/gray grosgrain ribbon is a favorite of mine, and I feel it really works with almost everything. Almost.

Unidentified product & recent arrangements

The tall yellow/green blooming branch product is popping up all over the market. I’ve even used it several times, but have just realized now, I have no idea as to what it is. The leaves are almond-shaped and lime-green in color. They hang like delicate pea pods from the few branches. I’m really enjoying using this very hearty and long-lasting (unidentified) product. It worked well along with banksia, tulips, freesia and wild grass. Note to self: Ask what the name of this product is!

For an another account I’ve been covering, I used the clippings of this foliage as filler in an arrangement that also features: kale, grass and one large succulent (I just happened upon outside while on a hike).

Later in the week when I went back to the account to refresh, I added a few stems of bold pink mini Calla lilies for a pop of color. This arrangement sits in the waiting area on a lovely stump of wood.

Here is the arrangement I did in the same space, the week prior. It features another succulent (striped), allium and tulips.

In another waiting area, I created this arrangement (below).It features tiny white chamomile flowers, a few gussied up mums and more wild grass. I particularly love the containers I’ve been left to work with. This one is a vintage water pitcher and I happen to think most everything improves when placed in it.

The previous week I opted to use another vessel that was left to use for this account. This one is short, full, white and has lovely ruffled edges. I filled it with lavender-pink spray roses, trailing jasmine and ixia.