In the mood for purples and greens (with a touch of white), I created this arrangement using kale as my inspiration. I used both blue hydrangea and a stem of antique hydrangea that has high tones of purple.

White garden roses, burgundy dahlias and jasmine vine are also included. Silver/gray grosgrain ribbon is a favorite of mine, and I feel it really works with almost everything. Almost.

Cut Jasmine

I love the smell of Jasmine wafting in the air. I also love having the smell of Jasmine indoors. Forget scented candles, this is the ultimate fresh, floral smell. Slightly sweet, a touch spicy. Very clean and fresh. Reminds me a little of Thai food (wink). The sweet and spicy bit that is.

What’s better than a cut Jasmine vine tangled in a tall vase. Simple, easy, natural. Love it.