Special Delivery

This past weekend, I was absolutely delighted to come home to, not one, but two fabulous flower arrangements waiting for me at the front door.

The first arrangement definitely overshadowed the second one, largely because well, it was so much bigger. And heavier. And actually ginormous. I was quite tickled, as I often am when it comes to flowers (and food).

Bright and beautiful, it is filled with yellow and red tulips, white hydrangea and fragrant geranium leaves. On the other side it is bursting with yellow daffodils and vibrant pincushion protea. The arrangement was produced by Birch and is truly unforgettable.

The second arrangement I received was in shades of pinks and purple and presented in a classic-shaped green ceramic vase.

What I like about this arrangement is that it is wild and romantic. It also includes an assortment of many of my favorite flowers such as Succulents, Roses, Orchids, Sweet William, Peony and Rosemary sprigs.

 This arrangement was produced by Marin based Kate’s Blossoms. I appreciate the selection of two different floral styles for this special annual occasion. Both arrangements are still going strong.

Welcome to California

Limes & Hydrangeas

Had dinner in Napa last week after another delightful day of Wine Country.  I couldn’t help but capture this image of what I feel represents California. Limes and Hydrangeas are two of the many commonalities that are a result of the wonderful growing Climate. What’s nice about Napa and Sonoma is that they are only a little over an hour’s drive from where I live in Marin. The weather has been “Summer-like”, with highs in the 90’s. It is a strange alternative to the foggy and cold temperatures we’ve been having in the city and parts of Marin.


ah..my absolute favorite. Dahlias are growing abundantly right now.

I picked a bunch up at the Thursday Ferry Building Farmers Market.