Moved. Around

I needed to move the stem of Texas Mountain Laurel to the kitchen…the smell became slightly overwhelming (in a good way) and I thought it’d be nice to also enjoy it in another room.

Long-lasting scraps from a few weeks back fit perfectly (once chopped to size), in a favorite blown glass vase from Mexico. Bits include green trick dianthus: left-over from a Valentine’s order, random red flowers: whose name I was informed of at a Farmer’s market (but have since forgotten the name), sprigs of blooming lime and the leaves of Texas Mountain Laurel.

I suppose this is a Martini glasses as opposed to a Margarita glass, as they are a wee bit small to hold a decent pour of Margarita. In my opinion. Blue rimmed glass are some of my favorite vessels, and I have a set of four. Or is it six? Sadly, the other lot are still in a storage box in the old country….It is nice having just the two around. In the past, I’ve used them for floating flowers and hosting sprigs of succulents. Always a favorite look.

This week the blue rimmed Martini glass takes (yes, more) stems of Texas Mountain Laurel. Honestly, I’m just not over it yet and the neighbor’s tree seems to really be taking off now. The blue cobalt mason jar holds an assortment of tiny elephant ear leaves, Mountain Laurel and some new cuttings of an interesting shrub in the front. More on that interesting shrub soon.

It’s been certainly nice not buying flowers, but I may cave soon and pick up some tulips at the market…as it’s Spring after all.

Special order

So it has to be the first time in about 4 years that I didn’t work in the floral industry for Valentine’s Day. I’m a little sad that I wasn’t sleepless (for days), (pleasantly) caffeinated and knee-deep (literally) in beautiful red roses, (not to mention) their leaves, stems and thorns. As well as swimming in a sea of wonderful peonies, orchids, lilac and hydrangea (just to name a few). Though not completely out of the game, I was asked by my step-brother-in-law to create a Valentine’s arrangement for my lovely step-sister.

She is fond of softer pastel colors, so I kept the palette in shades of pink with touches of purple, white and green. Flowers included: spray roses, garden roses, double-petal lilies, tulips, ranunculus, snap dragons, dianthus, kale and a few sprigs of the blooming lime tree (from my yard).

It was a lot of fun to do and she absolutely loves it! Here is another view (with strange lighting apologies).