Gerber daisies

The Gerber daisy is one of those flowers that I either prefer all on its own, or paired with other Gerber daisies. I don’t mind the flower (as they are so cheery), but I feel when they are (over)used with a multitude of other flowers they tend to lose their spunk. Just my opinion.

I was gifted several stems (as part of a much larger and beautiful arrangement) and decided to scatter a few into different vessels. I made a small exception in the photo below and added a few orange stems to a tireless green succulent and a sunflower sans petals. Part of this large bouquet I received involved many stems of tropical flowers. I cut the leaf off of a stem of ginger and used this to wrap in the bottom of this vase.

This arrangement certainly added just the right amount of color to a semi-cloudy weekend.

I took little to no length off this yellow Gerber daisy above. I like the outrageous height of this stem and how proud the head stands without the help of those unsightly plastic neck braces. For longevity and Gerber daisies, I’ve always been told to keep the water length at about an inch or slightly more. The flower has no leaves on the stem, so the water goes straight to the top. If the stems are submerged in too much water, they ‘drown’ and the heads will drop. The low water method has generally worked for me. I’ll see how it goes this time around.

This empty mineral water bottle is a current favorite for single stems. Jarritos mineral water is pretty good too!

For fun, I also staged a few stems in this fantastic cookie jar discovered in Geyserville. Here the elf appears with out her pink cap. Beside it is a vanilla ice cream cone cookie jar (also from the same antique store). I’m brainstorming on flower types for a possible floral display in this giant ice cream cone….

Ideas anyone?