Fragrant Roses

I picked up these roses earlier in the week from my local Whole Foods. This probably  means they were grown in South America and might have passed through Miami before arriving in Texas. Just mind-boggling to think how many hands touch your flowers before they end up at your local market or even the flower market. Anyways, not only are these an absolute beautiful color, they are opening with a bit of fierceness. I may have mentioned before, I’m quite fond of the pink and orange color combinations. Something about the vibrancy is continually uplifting and a pleasure to admire. And the smell…which is fantastic, as not all roses smell anymore. With all the cross-breeding and altering of genes to create bigger, brighter, long-lasting roses, the smell is lost. Not these.

Forgive me for not knowing the precise name of the variety. They have a similar look to “Big Fun” which is one of my all time favorite rose varieties.

And I’m still using the -you know what- out of this vintage blue Ball jar. Fits perfectly on the table and I’m not yet ready to use another vase.