Special Delivery

This past weekend, I was absolutely delighted to come home to, not one, but two fabulous flower arrangements waiting for me at the front door.

The first arrangement definitely overshadowed the second one, largely because well, it was so much bigger. And heavier. And actually ginormous. I was quite tickled, as I often am when it comes to flowers (and food).

Bright and beautiful, it is filled with yellow and red tulips, white hydrangea and fragrant geranium leaves. On the other side it is bursting with yellow daffodils and vibrant pincushion protea. The arrangement was produced by Birch and is truly unforgettable.

The second arrangement I received was in shades of pinks and purple and presented in a classic-shaped green ceramic vase.

What I like about this arrangement is that it is wild and romantic. It also includes an assortment of many of my favorite flowers such as Succulents, Roses, Orchids, Sweet William, Peony and Rosemary sprigs.

 This arrangement was produced by Marin based Kate’s Blossoms. I appreciate the selection of two different floral styles for this special annual occasion. Both arrangements are still going strong.


I am too excited and too honored, when this fabulous Floral Designer, asks me to cover her Monday account. She has impeccable style and gorgeous taste, so of course I’m flattered that she would ask me to install.

Last year, I’ve had the great opportunity to work with and assist her with several weddings and it was such a wonderful learning experience. I have also had great fun in covering several of her restaurant accounts (Coco 500 and Foreign Cinema) when she is out-of-town.

Monday is an early day and a busy day at the San Francisco Flower Market. I’m always eager to see what flowers she has ordered for the account. This past Monday I was so happy to see Quince branches in the bundle. This is the time of year when all of the flowering branches are in season. They add such beautiful simplicity to arrangements as well as looking perfect all on their own.

Also included in the arrangement are Mandarin (on the stem), Pincushion Protea, Thistle (Eryngium) and a cluster of blue-gray berries, whose name I do not know.I’ve seen it before, but unsure of the exact name. The berry reminds me a bit of a Juniper berry, but the stems are without leaves.

Here is a close-up of the base of the arrangement.

I just love the way the whole arrangement looks ‘bountiful’ and abundant with berries and citrus. As well the colors and textures are a little on the wild side and remind me of a tropical island.