Leaf watch

Discovering more random leaves and blooms sprouting in the front and back yard. These tiny pink blooms are quite exciting, just wish I knew what they are. I trimmed more of these mysterious branches to fill another vase (below).

Fast forward a few days and most of the branches have opened up with these tiny pink flowers. I added more to a small vase, after the wildflowers perished with the sudden ‘heat wave’. Tulips are no longer on the mind….this week.

Ferns, Leaves and Constance Spry

You know I’m a big fan of backyard leaves and simple arrangements using local stems. Behold, ferns and leaves. A nice way to freshen up the mantle piece with vibrant green. And behold my floral inspiration..

“As a florist, social reformer, teacher and best-selling author, CONSTANCE SPRY (1886-1960) democratised home-making in mid-20th century Britain by teaching millions of people that – with a little imagination – they could beautify their homes with flowers plucked from hedgerows and scraps of wasteland.”

Is it safe to say Constance Spry is the original Martha Stewart? Well I am late in the game to really discover Constance Spry and her work. Somehow though I have been following her floral philosophy of using what blooms around you. I certainly admit to being inspired and influenced by past issues of Domino magazine (I miss you Domino!) that included flower arrangements by the fabulous designer Nicolette Camille. Her work is certainly beautiful and certainly inspiring as well.