Figs and Coral Vine

My favorite red flower blooms. Still have no idea as to what it is..

Trimmed a sunflower bloom off of a stalk that is nearly as tall as my house (yes, really). Fits nicely in a cherished and empty Honig wine bottle.

Cute blooms acquired. Don’t know what these are either.

Clearly, I don’t know everything.


You know I’m all about using what’s available aka what can quickly be foraged…this is what’s going on right now. I quite like it. Purples and greens. Fresh, unripe figs with vibrant little blooms.

And here it is in a more clustered fashion which I think I prefer slightly more. Should have found some brown sticks/twigs to add as a finishing touch. Trust me. Next time.

And for the umpteenth time: I’m just astonished ¬†and dazzled by what grows under foot and above your reach. Makes store-bought flowers seem so ordinary. Nod for yes.