The Pursuit Aesthetic via Wit and Delight


Going Big with Baby’s Breath at the entry. 5 bunches stuffed delicately into a tall vase

Blackberry galettes with fresh figs from the Eastside Farmer’s Market.

GSM from Gerard Bertrand is a sure thing.

Bicycle chic via The Sartorialist.

Explored the downtown tunnels. Thoughts: feels like an outdated airport. Could do with a tram. Or Segway.

Here. There.

Ira lives in Croatia with her husband and two kids. Photo from their recent jaunt over to Veliki Kornat….simply, simply, breathtaking.




Style & Inspiration (no flowers featured)

…flowers, style and inspiration. That is exactly what I wanted this blog to be about. Up until now the focus has largely been about flowers and inspiration. But I’d like to offer you a detour. If for a moment.

Rest assured I’m not turning my flower blog into a fashion blog. Though I do feel this falls under the category of: style and inspiration.  I am completely inspired. And as this is my tiny little piece of code on the www. I feel entitled to express myself.

For the first time I do not own a car. You know what? This doesn’t scare me one bit. If I lived in NYC, Chicago, D.C. or many a city in Europe, I could live and function without a car and it wouldn’t be an issue. Heck there would even be designated lanes and bridges for cyclists to get around on. Well I’m fresh off the boat from living in SF where I occasionally had a car (whose usage I’m deeply thankful for and indebted to) and occasionally didn’t have a car. It is so easy to get around SF without a car, thanks to a great public transit system that includes a ferry, buses (that arrive more than once an hour), underground and above ground trains. And there are the taxis, which seem to out number regular cars.

It is curious to think that moving to the 4th largest city in the country I’d need to feel pressure (or less than) for not wanting to jump into a car again. It’s no wonder Houston is one of the fattest cities, people don’t get out much and walk around.

Well it’s 130 degrees you say! Yes, there is that tiny glitch. Unfortunate yes, embraceable? Perhaps…

For now I am enjoying the less traveled road that puts me into complete contact with sun, smells, fresh air (and fresh smog) and a new lease on life. One that employs a helmet, back light and leather messenger bag. It is not 130 degrees anymore so it is quite possible I will be singing another tune when it is.

I found these images over at The Sartorialist. I searched for ‘bicycle chic’ and these are photos that emerged. Being a new bike rider (in about 20 years) I initially thought I’d be forced to wear nothing but fluorescents, or spandex or fluorescent spandex. I was leery of compromising my existing style (yes really) to the 2 wheeled appreciation. I was ready to embrace looking like a super-nerd on a bike. You know what? That’s o.k. too. But I see no reason attempting to skirt-it, or cute -shoe it on the bike. Why not?

Now the only thing missing is a basket for the front- to hold my (rotating and coordinating) bag, fresh flowers and a baguette which I will not feel guilty about eating.

P.s. there will be sweat. This I cannot avoid. But hopefully style will be coupled with it.