Photo 9- Soho apt. via Digs Digs

Photo 15- Bicycle Chic via The Sartorialist


Ham and Cheese croissant with cappuccino at Catalina coffee

Familiar. MFAH sculpture garden

Thinking of the beach…


Bayou at night

Snails on toast at Feast

Tangerine colored Public Bikes at the Brazilian Arts Festival

Shrimp tails on the hot pavement

Local Pomegranate

Amaranthus from the East Side Farmer’s Market

Big Sky

Eyes cannot see it, speech cannot describe it, nor the mind conceive it. We know not, nor can we imagine how to convey it. For it is different from the known; and beyond the unknown. Thus have we heard from the illumined ones, who have told of it…if realized here, then truth exists; if not realized here, then there is only ignorance.

– Kena Upanishad


A distant relative

Lovely evening sky view from Bagby corner

Obsessing over Hibiscus flowers

Beautiful remains (apple brunoise) from the Brie Ringo at Uchi-Houston

    Walking around the Mission I happened upon a large puzzle of California that someone had glued to poster board and then left for trash on the sidewalk. Was great carrying it around that day. Found a place to display it.

Front yard blooms, fried plantains, January Vogue