Restaurant installations

Here are some recent  shots from the restaurant installations.

Please excuse the quality of the photo, they were taken with my camera phone.


In the entry of the restaurant, behind the host stand is a beautiful iron wall/ partition. Sitting on the edge of this wall is a large and beautiful hand-crafted pottery vessel. The idea is to put one or two elements in this vessel. As well, the element should be seen from up close and a far.

This is a composition of tallow berry I arranged in the vessel back in November. Tallow berry is wonderful. Considered a weed in Texas, it grows like crazy. But it is quite beautiful and lasts for ages dried , as is.

And here is this week’s composition.

view from the front

Elements used are pods and a type of silver eucalyptus (with out leaves).

view from the side

One of two large arrangements in the restaurant. This is composed of silver dollar eucalyptus and dogwood branches.

Let me tell you it is serious business working on this arrangement. It is large. But it is great fun to do. It sits between two banquets and is one of the first things you see when you walk in the restaurant.

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with this amazing Floral designer. I began assisting her last year while she was pregnant and have since continued to work with her on her several restaurant accounts.

Red protea, camellia foliage, magnolia leaves, calla lilies

At the second restaurant install I have become in charge of the bar arrangement.

The bar arrangement is smaller and as Desi called this one (sexier). Blends well with the colored dripping glass light fixtures and the sultry essence of the restaurants bar and lounge.