floating zinnias and marigolds

One of the perks of working in the flower industry is leftovers. Sometimes you end up with more flowers than you need. This is both a good thing and an unfortunate thing. There may be leftovers from a business account, from a special function or even a beautiful wedding. Such was the case last weekend when I was happy to come home with some leftovers. It’s not often that this happens after a wedding, but when it does occur I’m certainly thankful to help out with the clean-up.

Last weekend I assisted with two weddings, designed by a wonderful and brilliant floral designer I work with often. One wedding was held at Headlands Center for the Arts, which is right past the Golden Gate bridge on the north side. It is a lovely and remarkable space.

Here’s what I did with some of the leftover flowers.

Image above of floating flowers: It’s common for zinnias and marigolds to become detached from their stems. I love floating flowers even just for a temporary moment of brightness.

I combined a marigold, a bit of thistle and a few stems of bachelor’s button (vada mulla) with a big orange and small cherry-colored dahlias (from Thursday Farmer’s market).

A single marigold head fits perfectly in a candle holder.

Hanging on to thistle. I love using empty wine bottles (in this case Lava Vine port)

to host random stems.

Delicious smelling roses (still going strong) with more thistle in a Bodum French press single cup. Enjoying this beauty in my office.

I also ended up with a few stems of purple Vanda orchids ( a personal favorite). I paired them with orange orchids (from Headlands wedding) and existing backyard succulent (in need of company).

I also paired the same purple and orange couple with a very large backyard succulent and more of the fuchsia-colored bachelor’s buttons.

The bright colors are a much-needed lift to lingering Summer fog…

Feels like ‘Summer’ inside minus the triple digits.


If you aren’t a fan of Dahlias then this post is really going to bore you. Dahlias happen to be my favorite flower and they are in season at the moment, which means I have dahlia fever….And from what I gather I’m not the only person out there pleasantly infatuated with this fantastic flower. Seems folks are as passionate about dahlias as they are peonies. We all can’t get enough. Lucky for all, they were practically giving them away at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market on Thursday, for somewhere in the tune of 3 for 10$ or 7 for 20$. Yes, that is correct. I happily scooped up 3 bunches, after a good ten minutes of deciding what bunches to select. So many vibrant colors, various sizes and shapes, it was better than a shoe sale at (insert your favorite store).

One can never have too many dahlias.


With Summer in mind, I made this arrangement a few days ago.Though the weather in the bay doesn’t feel or cooperate like typical ‘summer’ weather (at the moment), the colors are a much-needed boost to combat morning and afternoon fog. But I’m careful not to complain too much, as there is no way I’d trade lingering fog in July/August for 106 degree temperatures.

Geranium, kale, dahlias, sunflowers, blackberry, lime


In the mood for purples and greens (with a touch of white), I created this arrangement using kale as my inspiration. I used both blue hydrangea and a stem of antique hydrangea that has high tones of purple.

White garden roses, burgundy dahlias and jasmine vine are also included. Silver/gray grosgrain ribbon is a favorite of mine, and I feel it really works with almost everything. Almost.

Welcome to California

Limes & Hydrangeas

Had dinner in Napa last week after another delightful day of Wine Country.  I couldn’t help but capture this image of what I feel represents California. Limes and Hydrangeas are two of the many commonalities that are a result of the wonderful growing Climate. What’s nice about Napa and Sonoma is that they are only a little over an hour’s drive from where I live in Marin. The weather has been “Summer-like”, with highs in the 90’s. It is a strange alternative to the foggy and cold temperatures we’ve been having in the city and parts of Marin.


ah..my absolute favorite. Dahlias are growing abundantly right now.

I picked a bunch up at the Thursday Ferry Building Farmers Market.


Dahlias, Dahlias, Dahlias. How I  love thee…

I did some freelance work with a lovely floral designer in SF. After the event she was kind enough to send me away with 3 bunches of Dahlias! I just about fell over with happiness. If it isn’t apparently obvious yet, I am mad for Dahlias! They have to be my favorite flower. Love, love , love them!

As you can tell by the numerous images…

There were also a few open peonies left and I got to take those too. They look cute short in short glasses. Incidentally I also use these glasses for tea lights an even to bake pot de creme in. Not sure where they came over. Perhaps the World Market?