Figs and Coral Vine

My favorite red flower blooms. Still have no idea as to what it is..

Trimmed a sunflower bloom off of a stalk that is nearly as tall as my house (yes, really). Fits nicely in a cherished and empty Honig wine bottle.

Cute blooms acquired. Don’t know what these are either.

Clearly, I don’t know everything.

Coral Vine

I’ll admit I’m a fan of Twitter. What can I say, I don’t have cable and I engage in social networking. But really, it is entertaining, and informative, and even inspiring (quite often). Memorable moments in the past include: instant #earthquakeinsf updates and reading the live tweeting from #jamesbeardawards2011. That is just to name two. If you think about it, it is much more instantaneous than many major news sources. But perhaps you already knew that..

Today I uploaded an image of a beautiful pink flower I had just #foraged from a nearby vacant lot. The only glitch was that I had no clue as to what it was. Within minutes of posting I had my answer. Ash from ( the much admired and Austin based floral company) The Byrd Collective, tweeted back to me that it was in fact called: Coral Vine.

Here is what it looked like growing wild in the elements. A quick Google search revealed it is indigenous to Mexico, but grows quite well in Texas and the Gulf area. Further reading indicates it appears to be invasive (will cover everything in its path), it’s drought tolerant and the roots of this vine are edible. I’d consider these all perfect reasons to invest in this beautiful vine.

In the meantime, I took some trimmings for the road.

I tweeted back to Ash, that I’d love to pair it with orange tones and Antique hydrangea for a colorful fall alternative. Hot pink and orange is one of my favorite color combinations. The vibrancy of the tiny hot pink flowers is also quite a refreshing sight, considering days earlier, I featured simple green leaves in this vase. Nice, but not as exciting as Coral Vine.

Knowing it is close by, it will be hard to resist sneaking back over there to trim some more…