Photo 9- Soho apt. via Digs Digs

Photo 15- Bicycle Chic via The Sartorialist






The Pursuit Aesthetic via Wit and Delight


Going Big with Baby’s Breath at the entry. 5 bunches stuffed delicately into a tall vase

Blackberry galettes with fresh figs from the Eastside Farmer’s Market.

GSM from Gerard Bertrand is a sure thing.

Bicycle chic via The Sartorialist.

Explored the downtown tunnels. Thoughts: feels like an outdated airport. Could do with a tram. Or Segway.

Here. There.

Ira lives in Croatia with her husband and two kids. Photo from their recent jaunt over to Veliki Kornat….simply, simply, breathtaking.




Arpeggi: Cogitative


What I’d like to see on Washington Avenue

Mammoth red clover and Calendula from the  Utility Research Garden

Tree view

Work moment: Beet, Arugula, Pickled vegetable and Pomegranate tart with Dairy Maids Sand Creek Gouda, Calendula and blooming Cima di rapa (said in one breath)

Amongst the Arugula

Look up

Limes and figs with blooming lime