If you aren’t a fan of Dahlias then this post is really going to bore you. Dahlias happen to be my favorite flower and they are in season at the moment, which means I have dahlia fever….And from what I gather I’m not the only person out there pleasantly infatuated with this fantastic flower. Seems folks are as passionate about dahlias as they are peonies. We all can’t get enough. Lucky for all, they were practically giving them away at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market on Thursday, for somewhere in the tune of 3 for 10$ or 7 for 20$. Yes, that is correct. I happily scooped up 3 bunches, after a good ten minutes of deciding what bunches to select. So many vibrant colors, various sizes and shapes, it was better than a shoe sale at (insert your favorite store).

One can never have too many dahlias.