Yellow, Pink and Green

Ventured out yesterday to properly enjoy the phenomenal 77 degree weather that was occurring. If only it would last and last…but anyhow I happened to notice some lovely mini-sunflowers and lantana growing in a vacant lot near the train tracks.
In the bag they went. Where else would they go?

There’s also a lime and fig tree nearby, so I delicately snipped some trimmings from each tree. Also added a few stems of nondescript greens, that were clogging a pathway in the front and really needed to be removed.

Because the flower elements were short to begin with, I went with a natural hand-tied bouquet which I later plopped into the aqua ball jar.

Simple and understated.

Lantana & Garlic Chives

Found some Lantana and dried garlic chives close by. I am learning my lesson on what I can forage and what I cannot. Or rather, shouldn’t.

These two were in a “safe zone” (questionable property). Though yesterday I went out to get a nice cup of dirty chai at my local coffee-house. On my return I noticed some very beautiful large aloe plants. It was obvious they were on private property but I was tempted nonetheless. I jumped off my bike and parked it. It immediately fell on my foot (as I write this with said foot elevated and iced) and there went my whole cup of steaming hot dirty chai, all over the pavement. I decided this was a clear sign not to do what I wanted to do, which was pull that aloe from the ground.

Alas, I am enjoying the Lantana. I love the mix of blooming flowers with non-blooming stems. Adds for a nice texture variance. The blooms of the garlic chives are dried and very delicate. This tiny arrangement is offering a nice earthy scent on a side table.


Each year I celebrate and acknowledge Day of the Dead by setting out an altar (ofrenda) for my relatives and a friend who have passed on. This year was no exception. My ofrenda is a little smaller this time, lacking the traditional marigolds, the sugar skulls, beer and copal. Generally I like to offer: a glass of wine, some rum, assorted chocolates and a bounty of fruit. This year I did what I could offering: water, fruit, bread (in the form of a fig, chevre, fenugreek brioche baked by me that morning), sun flowers and a burning candle. Honored this year were: my maternal grand-parents, maternal great grand-parents, my paternal grand-father and a former co-worker who died too young (in my opinion).

In lieu of marigolds (not to be found at the usual market) I used wild sun flowers from the front yard. They are beautiful but were in desperate need of trimming and served a wonderful purpose at the same time.


Benefits of walking through any neighborhood: noticing the tiny joys of nature not normally noticed when behind the wheel of a speeding car. And then there’s walking off your lunch (very important).

Yesterday I made my way from Revival Market, belly full with a delicious pulled pork pressed sandwich with sweet pickles, and an out-of-this-world amazing moon pie made by Fluff Bake Bar. I have to admit, it was a great lunch.

Strolling back to my destination I noticed these beautiful orange berries hanging against a public fence. Wild Lantana covered the ground. Lantana is a favorite flower. It is both delicate and hearty, growing really well in Texas’ un-forgiving and blistering temperatures. It is native to tropical regions of the ‘Americas’ and ‘Africa’ which is no surprise as to why it flourishes so well in Texas. A bit of trivia new to me, is that it is known as ‘ham and eggs’, because of the pink and yellow flower clusters.

I took the opportunity to begin and impromptu flower arranging session, street side. Would you believe not one person noticed what I was doing? They might have been driving too fast…

I arranged this wild Texas bouquet in an empty Topo Chico bottle. I just love the way it looks styled against a colorful background of sidewalk art by my two famed nephews. They are budding artists, among other things.

Random greens aka curbside weeds

After I picked up these delightful ‘Teddy Bear’ (yes that’s really their name) sunflowers at the corner store, I realized I needed some greens to go with them. I don’t usually need greens to accompany sunflowers but in this case I thought it seemed appropriate. It always helps to look down in the cracks of the curb.
You never know what treasures (or weeds) you might see growing furiously. Plus, I always feel good about helping with the weed control.

Amaryllis belladonna

It’s hard to miss the pink lady flowers which are growing every which way you look. They are popping up in the most random places. In the front of houses, on the side of fences and in the middle of really quite nowhere. You have to wonder how these bulbs got there. The wind? The birds?

I found some today on a hike. I thought I’d rescue a few from their slump (they do lean quite a bit like a lady has had far too many Pimm’s). One was even broken. Just in case you were wondering.

In keeping with the theme (of pink), I added a few stray sprigs of something that look a bit like heather. Perhaps it is. Dried wild grass and a leaf complete the look.

Pink ladies are a little on the top-heavy side so I cut the whole thing down and slipped it into a sherry glass.