Amaryllis belladonna

It’s hard to miss the pink lady flowers which are growing every which way you look. They are popping up in the most random places. In the front of houses, on the side of fences and in the middle of really quite nowhere. You have to wonder how these bulbs got there. The wind? The birds?

I found some today on a hike. I thought I’d rescue a few from their slump (they do lean quite a bit like a lady has had far too many Pimm’s). One was even broken. Just in case you were wondering.

In keeping with the theme (of pink), I added a few stray sprigs of something that look a bit like heather. Perhaps it is. Dried wild grass and a leaf complete the look.

Pink ladies are a little on the top-heavy side so I cut the whole thing down and slipped it into a sherry glass.