Blooming Eucalyptus

Really nothing compares to the San Francisco Flower market (and Brannan Street Wholesale flowers within it). The abundance, selection, variety is endless and completely amazing in that place. This is a HUGE understatement. The SF Flower mart is a paradise I tell you!

Needless to say, it’s a whole different story a few states over. I’m moments away from befriending someone from parks department, just so I can get a handle on all the Acorn and Magnolia they are trimming back and shedding..I’d love to use it.

I’m still adjusting to what I am able to get from the flower warehouse we have account with for the restaurant. I’m hearing quite a bit of : It’s not in season.

Secretly, I know this to be true. Secretly, I also know everything is in season somewhere. Alas, it’s for the best. Always to use what is growing now: in California (where most of it comes from).

And though my floral rep.had no idea as to what I was talking about when I said : Do you have any tall bunches of figs-on-the-stem? She did mention she had some blooming Eucalyptus this week, and I was quick to say:

Yes, please, I’ll take 5 bunches.


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