Rehearsal Dinner

I had the great joy of being back in San Francisco last weekend (for the first time in 6 months). Primarily being there to work on the wedding of a wonderful floral designer I used to work with and assist last year. It is an incredible story of flower girl meets flower seller, all unfolding in the most wonderful place, which is Brannan Street Wholesale within the historic SF Flower Market.

It was so amazing to work with designers I previously worked with, as well as meet some new and talented faces. What is amazing is that everyone pitched in and volunteered their time to make magic for this incredible couple.

As fate would have it the rehearsal/ Posole dinner (above) took place in the former studio of one of my favorite people and also an incredible designer Natalie Bowen I also previously worked with.

The rehearsal dinner, also known as the ‘groom’s dinner’ had a fiesta theme (after all it’s a Posole dinner) complete with a pinata and papel picado (paper cutting) lining the stairway leading to the studio. The groom’s sister cooked a huge pot of posole and the tables where abundant with tortilla chips, salsa and posole fixings.

The flowers consisted of geranium, poppies, ranunculus and lemons and were displayed in cute rustic pots. We strung lights from the rafters and laid the tables with sage green linens. Diane Tiry was the lead designer for this 2 day event and did such an amazing job orchestrating such a fun and beautiful vision for the bride.

Incidentally, Natalie’s former studio mates are still in the space (above) and are both photographers. One is Caren Alpert and the other is Jeff Singer who took the wonderful portraits seen in the top photo on the back wall. There is a lovely shot (in the middle of wall) of Chef Thomas Keller drinking espresso in The French Laundry’s garden.

From what we heard it was a largerly entertaing night.


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