Along the way: Pink and Yellow

As much as I miss living in the Bay, there is one thing I don’t miss and that is cold nights. Evenings will always be cool, unless there is a very blue moon, you may get a temporary and fleeting warm night. So naturally, my skin and I are just loving these balmy nights we are having here in the South..

Subsequently, I’ve been taking leisurely strolls through my neighborhood either on foot or on my bike, and I’m discovering (literally) that it is the best time to do my pruning.
I happened upon a few stems of this (pink) and that (yellow), coupled with a lovely branch of something dried. And into a discarded Topo Chico bottle it goes. Simple and impromptu is just my style.

A few days earlier I discovered these pretty pink blooms that work well with existing dried  crespedia. Not quite sure what flower it is, but I’m a fan of hot pink flowers so I couldn’t resist taking some for the road. Has a bit of a tropical feel to it no?


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