Lantana & Garlic Chives

Found some Lantana and dried garlic chives close by. I am learning my lesson on what I can forage and what I cannot. Or rather, shouldn’t.

These two were in a “safe zone” (questionable property). Though yesterday I went out to get a nice cup of dirty chai at my local coffee-house. On my return I noticed some very beautiful large aloe plants. It was obvious they were on private property but I was tempted nonetheless. I jumped off my bike and parked it. It immediately fell on my foot (as I write this with said foot elevated and iced) and there went my whole cup of steaming hot dirty chai, all over the pavement. I decided this was a clear sign not to do what I wanted to do, which was pull that aloe from the ground.

Alas, I am enjoying the Lantana. I love the mix of blooming flowers with non-blooming stems. Adds for a nice texture variance. The blooms of the garlic chives are dried and very delicate. This tiny arrangement is offering a nice earthy scent on a side table.

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