Happy New Year! Here is a small glimpse of what 2011 looked like for me. I had such an amazing year working with some of the most wonderful and extremely talented floral designers in San Francisco. I was so fortunate to assist with weddings and events ( a movie premiere!) in the City, as well as in surrounding areas of the Bay. The work took us to: Napa, Sonoma, Marin,and to the East and South Bay. Looking back, I was all over the map and it was amazing! During the week I worked and assisted with accounts for a few of the best restaurants and establishments in the City. I also had fun playing with “left overs” at home and continually updated Flowerbaar with musings from my frequent floral foraging excursions. There were many.

I learned so much and was fortunate to work with some incredible teams of people.
I’m looking forward to what this year holds and hoping to get my hands dirty with more leaves, stems and buds. Thanks for reading (who ever you are;)
Here are the incredible designers I spent the year working with. Check out their work!

Desiree de Lara
Natalie Bowen
Erica Lewis of Erica Rose Design
Emily Dreblow of Soulflower

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