Backyard leaves (yes, again)

Channeling my inner Constance Spry, I went out back for leaves. Big surprise right? I ask you to bear with me as I continue to navigate through the natural elements just readily available all around me. There is such a bounty of overgrown foliage each and every way I look.Wild foliage and blooms are just seemingly more interesting.

This is what I’m faced with. The back yard is a bit of a wild mess. It was (and still is) in desperate need of some leaf and debris removal. Taking a rake to it would also certainly help. It’s as if someone hadn’t combed their hair in months. Many months. Now I get to work out the tangles.

Naturally I needed to trim some of these leaves out back. I also wanted to fill a vase.

And to think we sometimes pay for Ti leaves….lucky I have this variety growing all over. Just a nice handful ( 10 or more) spruces up a corner, adds some green to a room and yet still remains unfussy.

Because these leaves are so resilient, I switched vases and arranged them differently in the kitchen. Mind you, a week later.

Again, simple and unfussy. The leaves are now folded in and I’ve added a few stems of a very thorny plant (growing between a lime tree) for height and much texture. A single Riviera rose adds a pop of color. (Yes, I actually purchased roses recently). I just couldn’t resist the striking hot pink hue.

The gorgeous local produce (eggplant, tomatoes, okra and padron peppers) is from the Urban Harvest Farmer’s market at City Hall.

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