Nasturtium, succulent, orange

Last week I plucked these ‘weeds’ from the back yard. As I pulled and cut, an older gentleman stood watching me. As he watched curiously as I pulled, he pulled long drags from his cigarette. I was positive he’d tell me to stop cutting and pruning from this communal yard. But he did not. I secretly felt relief. After I explained to him the uses for nasturtium (in salads and as edible garnishes for his seasonal soups), all he could muster was “Those tomatoes sure need watering.” He also included, that he’d tell his wife of the nasturtium for salads. I can only hope he did.

I seem to use it more in vases than I do in my salad bowl. I should probably the gentleman’s advice and water the tomatoes. Then I’ll take my own advice and eat some nasturtium. Or use the flowers for garnish on a soup. Tomato.

Random greens aka curbside weeds

After I picked up these delightful ‘Teddy Bear’ (yes that’s really their name) sunflowers at the corner store, I realized I needed some greens to go with them. I don’t usually need greens to accompany sunflowers but in this case I thought it seemed appropriate. It always helps to look down in the cracks of the curb.
You never know what treasures (or weeds) you might see growing furiously. Plus, I always feel good about helping with the weed control.


You know I’m all about using what’s available aka what can quickly be foraged…this is what’s going on right now. I quite like it. Purples and greens. Fresh, unripe figs with vibrant little blooms.

And here it is in a more clustered fashion which I think I prefer slightly more. Should have found some brown sticks/twigs to add as a finishing touch. Trust me. Next time.

And for the umpteenth time: I’m just astonished ¬†and dazzled by what grows under foot and above your reach. Makes store-bought flowers seem so ordinary. Nod for yes.

Gently, Fall

I always feel after the passing of Labor day, Fall is gently ushered in.Around these parts it means the weather gets warmer, instead of the other way around. Something about an Indian Summer. Still interesting to me.

Though I’m not quite ready to embrace all that is orange, burgundy and brown (just yet), I thought to add a few sprigs of rose hips to beautiful and fragrant garden roses. Somehow this still feels like the beginning of Fall to me. A gentle one.

I’ve seen signs of Halloween. The year is almost over. Wow.

Tiny citrus on the stem and fall leaves complete the mood.

Amaryllis belladonna

It’s hard to miss the pink lady flowers which are growing every which way you look. They are popping up in the most random places. In the front of houses, on the side of fences and in the middle of really quite nowhere. You have to wonder how these bulbs got there. The wind? The birds?

I found some today on a hike. I thought I’d rescue a few from their slump (they do lean quite a bit like a lady has had far too many Pimm’s). One was even broken. Just in case you were wondering.

In keeping with the theme (of pink), I added a few stray sprigs of something that look a bit like heather. Perhaps it is. Dried wild grass and a leaf complete the look.

Pink ladies are a little on the top-heavy side so I cut the whole thing down and slipped it into a sherry glass.