At a restaurant account I was covering a few weeks ago, I decided to use airplants in the beautiful bowl by the entrance and host stand. In the past we’ve used everything from acorn pods, to succulents, citrus and a whole other myriad of seasonal elements. But interesting enough, we had yet to use airplants in the bowl. I picked up these beauties at Green Jeans nursery in Marin. They aren’t exactly cheap (about 8.50$ stem) but the great thing about airplants is that they are incredible long-lasting and require neither water or soil. They just needed to be misted from time to time. I can do that.

I have a few keeping me company now and have found a few nooks to tuck them into like this long green dish above. It (the green dish) has been known to host chocolate coins during Christmas, loose coins and candles. I don’t mind the monochromatic look that is now occurring with the airplants in place. I added some beach shells to break up the green and add texture.

This is part of a mini-vignette sitting on the window sill in my office. So simple but such a pleasing sight. Amethyst, and an airplant spilling out of one of my favorite drinking glasses from Mexico. Stirred but not shaken.


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