Textures at the Getty

I have to admit L.A. was not high on my list of places to visit. But it seems it was all just a matter of time before I eventually would get to LaLa land and see just for myself the diversity and beauty of the area. I also desperately needed a bit of warm weather and Los Angeles definitely has a great warm climate.

Upon hearing that I’d be traveling to L.A. last weekend, I put the Getty museum at the top of ‘places to visit’.

I was inspired by the contrast in materials of the building. The curves and shape of the museum are like a cloud dangling above in the sky. If clouds were made of rough stone and shiny ceramic. As a visitor, you have open access to the elements, some natural and some implanted. The gardens of the Getty are so comfortable and well thought you could easily spend a day just sitting in the grass.

And knowing that Van Gogh’s Irises reside inside the museum, is even more of a reason to stay here all day and visit again and again.. Simply breath-taking up close.

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