Green Trick Dianthus

Just loving (a bit too much) green dianthus at the moment. Let me just say: it.lasts.forever. And who doesn’t like long-lasting fluffy green puff balls?

As well, fluffy green puff balls have a tendency to walk away from their stems. When this happens, keep it simple and float them..

Hotel lobby arrangements

I’m always fascinated to see what flowers are being used in the entrances of hotel lobbies. The table display above was taken in the lobby of the SLS hotel in L.A. over the weekend. I had a wonderful meal at Jose Andres’ Bazaar which is a memorable restaurant within the hotel.

The arrangement above includes: Cymbidium orchids, green dianthus, tall thin green grass/reeds, phalaenopsis orchids in black cylinder vases. Simple but still impactful.

Here are a few more arrangements taken in the lobby of the hotel I was staying at in Westwood. Though these arrangements are quite simple, I still find them very pleasing to look at. Perhaps it is the bold purple (orchids) paired with the lime green (dianthus). More of the thin green grass/reeds (as seen in above tall display) are looped around the flowers. The birch container helps maintain the casual elegance.

Unidentified product & recent arrangements

The tall yellow/green blooming branch product is popping up all over the market. I’ve even used it several times, but have just realized now, I have no idea as to what it is. The leaves are almond-shaped and lime-green in color. They hang like delicate pea pods from the few branches. I’m really enjoying using this very hearty and long-lasting (unidentified) product. It worked well along with banksia, tulips, freesia and wild grass. Note to self: Ask what the name of this product is!

For an another account I’ve been covering, I used the clippings of this foliage as filler in an arrangement that also features: kale, grass and one large succulent (I just happened upon outside while on a hike).

Later in the week when I went back to the account to refresh, I added a few stems of bold pink mini Calla lilies for a pop of color. This arrangement sits in the waiting area on a lovely stump of wood.

Here is the arrangement I did in the same space, the week prior. It features another succulent (striped), allium and tulips.

In another waiting area, I created this arrangement (below).It features tiny white chamomile flowers, a few gussied up mums and more wild grass. I particularly love the containers I’ve been left to work with. This one is a vintage water pitcher and I happen to think most everything improves when placed in it.

The previous week I opted to use another vessel that was left to use for this account. This one is short, full, white and has lovely ruffled edges. I filled it with lavender-pink spray roses, trailing jasmine and ixia.