Flowers everywhere…

There are flowers in almost every room of my place. You’d think there had been a wedding or a funeral, or perhaps I’d finally opened a florist (in my house). It just happened this way. Between receiving a bounty of beautiful blooms for my birthday, having flowers before this, as well as collecting my usual round-up of outside cuts. Oh, and then I picked up a few more bunches at the Saturday Farmer’s Market. How could I resist lemon-yellow Ranunculus and pink and red Sweet William? Surely not.

Below are an assortment of scattered blooms that are currently bringing me joy.

Incredibly long-lasting cut Cymbidium orchids that I acquired the beginning of the April. A few blooms have since fallen, which I happily have floating in another vessel filled with shallow water.

Due to the sudden rise of temperature the tulips once dainty and delicate exploded in great form. I expected them to. I removed them from the Birch arrangement they were featured in and fastened them into their own vase. Bound tightly and cut short.

Daffodils and Pincushion Protea remain in the fabulous Birch arrangement. Sadly the hydrangea perished during the sudden heat rise. The remaining few look quite nice together. I like the complimentary colors yet contrasting textures.

Here is Sweet William (also known as Dianthus) from the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market.

Sweet William reminds me of Texas for some reason.I can’t help associate it with the variety grown by The Arnosky family of Texas Specialty Cut Flowers . They grow a mean Dianthus, big and strong( as you might expect a Texas bloom to be) and rich in color. Many use Sweet William as a filler flower. While it does work well as an accent to other flowers, I happen to like it just on its own.

And bright yellow Ranunculus (poor man’s Peony) whose blooms just seem to open and open….I am enjoying ranunculus season right now, though I can’t seem to track down that mixed orange and hot pink variety . It is a personal favorite of mine. These blooms will also work well as floaters.

Special Delivery

This past weekend, I was absolutely delighted to come home to, not one, but two fabulous flower arrangements waiting for me at the front door.

The first arrangement definitely overshadowed the second one, largely because well, it was so much bigger. And heavier. And actually ginormous. I was quite tickled, as I often am when it comes to flowers (and food).

Bright and beautiful, it is filled with yellow and red tulips, white hydrangea and fragrant geranium leaves. On the other side it is bursting with yellow daffodils and vibrant pincushion protea. The arrangement was produced by Birch and is truly unforgettable.

The second arrangement I received was in shades of pinks and purple and presented in a classic-shaped green ceramic vase.

What I like about this arrangement is that it is wild and romantic. It also includes an assortment of many of my favorite flowers such as Succulents, Roses, Orchids, Sweet William, Peony and Rosemary sprigs.

 This arrangement was produced by Marin based Kate’s Blossoms. I appreciate the selection of two different floral styles for this special annual occasion. Both arrangements are still going strong.

Wild & Wooly

This week I was honored and delighted for the chance to cover a few floral accounts, belonging to a fabulous designer I assist.
This involved a very early visit to the San Francisco Flower Market, which is just one of the wonderful perks of the job. I was a little skeptical about my ability to choose flowers before 7 a.m. I sometimes also feel this way about holding sharp objects before 7 a.m. But as a professional, I downed my hot black tea, spiked with a little almond milk, and began the flower selection.
The Market is just beyond amazing, and it is very easy to get lost in the bounty available.
I spotted a few bunches of red Scabiosa, so used that as the base of my palette. It was easy to build on this, by adding a bunch of fragrant Geranium leaves and a few stems of  Red-Yellow Pincushion Protea. The Protea are so special, as they are even a little fuzzy. Nice compliment to the soft leaves of Geranium, which are so clean and fresh smelling. The smell reminds me of menthol. To complete, I added a few strands of stray Eucalyptus to the lower left side of arrangement.

This is one of my new favorite compositions.


Just can’t seem to escape this larger than life Ornithogalum. Again this bloom, sometimes known also as Star of Bethlehem, lasts for almost 2 weeks.

A few blooms look cute cut down in a square vase (above). Perfect for a bedside table, or in this case a bathroom sink.

Below, I added single stems to white tear drop shaped bud vases. The blooms are destined to open from bottom to top, like dazzling white firecrackers..

A bundle of Spring

It is officially Spring and there is no escaping the abundance of Tulips and Ranunculus at the Market. This arrangement also features cut Jasmine (trailing around the base) and peach colored Hyacinth- clustered above the Jasmine.

This will look stunning once the blooms have all opened. Spring fragrance at Coco this week.


Ornithogalum is one of my favorite flowers. Also known as Star of Bethlehem, it is very long-lasting ( two weeks) and looks great all on its own. Last week the Designer I worked with picked up several large bunches of some super-size variety at the Flower Market. Notice in the picture her hand in relation to the blooms. The flower head is usually about 2 inches in length. This jumbo variety was amazing and gorgeous and opened up like giant white firecrackers.


Currently growing all over the back area of my residence are Forget-me-not flowers.  Twice now, I’ve happily gone into the back and trimmed a good deal of them (for ground control et al). They’ve been fashioned into several arrangements, in more than several corners of my space. Recently I opted to stuff a beautifully tangled bunch into a round blue vase. I think the tiny blooms are so dainty and sweet. I must add these Forget-me-not flowers are also successfully distracting me from a neighbors now blooming Lilac tree….