Cerinthe is a lovely specimen. I picked some up while lazily wandering through the Ferry Building in route to my Wednesday appointment at Blue Bottle  (they know me by name now!)

It caught my eye as I passed McEvoy Ranch. I’m glad I took the time to interrupt the clerks (from a personal conversation) to inquire about this eye-catching cut. I wondered is it a plant? Is it a flower?  As I’ve never seen it before….

I was told it had been cut fresh that morning (from the Ranch) and it did work well as cut. I quickly bought a bunch for 6 dollars, along with one of their (very edible) assorted herb bouquets. The Cerinthe has lasted a week now.

Just loving it. All on its own in a simple blue vase.

White Freesia

I was given some extra Freesia to take after assisting with a wedding about a week ago. This double white Freesia, keeps opening and opening and is bursting with a sweet pepper smell.

I’m usually one for cutting stems, but for some reason I can’t bring myself to chop these elegant white stems.