Atelier Henson

While I was in Houston last week I visited with a dear friend of mine,

Mr.Henson (a world-class Chef and Master Florist).

He was kind enough to cook me a most phenomenal meal that began with fresh Pimento cheese and Egg salad sandwiches (which we drank with Heineken served in goblets). For the main course he served a fantastic herb-roasted chicken which were accompanied by  crisp potato and sweet potato fries. He even went so far as to whip up some roasted-garlic aioli to dip the fries in. Unforgettable! It was a truly lovely evening filled with great conversation, special friends and generous hospitality. I wanted to include some images I took of Mr. Henson’s atelier. It is always changing, always evolving, and always fabulous. Just like he is.

In a previous life we worked together at a flower boutique in Houston. Mr. Henson taught me a lot about design, style and showed me how to turn Carnations and Baby’s Breath into something fabulous (arrange in huge over-the-top masses).

Mr. Henson transforms Casual into Chic (or shabby-chic to some) without really trying. I love the way he drops a stem of yellow Kangaroo paw into an old beer bottle. The painting (in first photo) I gave to him years ago, looks appropriate now in front of a newly painted lime green wall. Mr. Henson manages to pull off lime green in a kitchen with ease. Not many can.

I admire his choice of putting several bunches of pink Statice in a vase and making it look elegant. He does the same in the bedroom with a few stems of Eucalyptus overflowing out a vase that is set atop a glass pillar. In in his sitting area he features a short glass cube stuffed with orange Alstroemeria and garnished with twisted copper wire.

I love him for his incredible charm, impeccable taste and self-less generosity. I look forward to the chance to return the favor by cooking him a wonderful dinner and creating a display of Carnations, like no other..

2 thoughts on “Atelier Henson

  1. some good inspiration here. thanks for sharing. would love love to taste that wonderful meal served with elegance. it’s always a blessing to have friends that inspire you.

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