Vertical Orchid Plants

I went to the Design District last night to have dinner at  Sra Martinez the tapas restaurant of Chef Michelle Bernstein. And in case you are wondering, the dinner was fabulous from start to finish. The food, service, and wine were absolutely incredible and it’s certainly the best meal I’ve had while in Miami.

Before dinner we were strolling up NE 40th St. and happened upon the Christian Louboutin store. I couldn’t help but gawk at the exterior.

Orchid plants are scaling the exterior of the building.

Growing vertically on the outside of the building much like a plant wall does.

Just a beautiful spectacle. Gorgeous! And for a moment I completely forgot about the exquisite shoes inside the store..

Easy Holiday Decor

Before I left chilly SF for the warmth(chilly) of the beach, I did a bit of Holiday decorating. Though I knew I’d be spending a bit of December in a (usually) warm environment, I wanted it to feel like winter. In an earlier post I exhibited how one might decorate simply without breaking the bank.

Silver ball ornaments in clear vases & greens from the yard

A clothing store around the corner has in their window display a familiar site:

Silver ball ornaments in glass vases.

Just fill clear vases(you probably already own) with assorted ornaments and stagger them together. Voila!

Simply and easy. Not that I’d do this every year, but it is a cute, simple and shiny way to decorate. Again, it won’t set you back a fortune either.


Flora and Fauna

trimmed leaf styled in a drinking glass

shells collected from the beach


Every leaf, stem, flower and premature bloom I wander past is fair game….

I’m contributing to the elements (with erosion control) by foraging ala trimming outside over grown-greens and beautifying the room at the same time.

Hotels should really do more of this. I’m sure some do. I’m having fun with it.

I added a green leaf to the Bougainvillea bloom (brought in from the cold).

I also spotted some lovely tree orchids during a stroll down Lincoln Rd. I was held back. It took much to stop me from climbing up that tree to pick a few blooms. I’m naughty like that.

Tree Orchids on Lincoln Rd.


Gorgeous hot pink Bougainvillea picked fresh today by yours truly.

Our room had been outfitted with a terribly limp white dendrobium orchid. If I was the hotelier, I’d cut costs and just trim back the gorgeous plants and foliage on the property.

How could I resist these gorgeous tissue paper like blooms? They needed trimming. I also snipped some long grass and shorter cupped leaves from a quick walk to the beach.

And the hot pink adds a much needed pop of color in a black and white room.

Red, Silver, Green

I picked up some Ilex Berry at Trader Joe’s this week. I’m fortunate to have evergreens growing in the front. Adds a nice touch to the mantle piece.

I love December and wanted just a touch of Holiday festive without getting a tree.

So I found a branch out back that had been cut from a tree trimming, stuck it in a tall clear vase filled with silver balls (from CVS) and hung silver tinsel from the stems.

I couldn’t resist the classic candy canes and chocolate gold coins.