Busy, busy

It has been a wonderful and busy work month.. and I’m trying to catch up on the blog posts here on Flower Baar, as well as on my food blog From Lips to Fingers..Here we are already at the end of October. Feels like Fall just started and will be over soon. Next thing we know and it will be January 1st!

A fabulous designer I work with has entrusted me to take care of her  restaurant and salon accounts while she is out-of-town. I have truly enjoyed the experience of it and of course very early mornings at the SF Flower mart..

Monday I started at Coco 500. The flowers she ordered were in the orange color palette and included: curly willow, mini calla lilies, safflower and persimmons.

On Tuesday I was at Foreign Cinema to check up on the arrangements she had installed before she left. I brought with me several bunches of white carnations intended for the restroom. The burgundy carnations already in the restroom still looked great so at the request of the Chef/Owner, we decided to work them into 2 other vessels.

These neat glass containers are used as candles pillars. I folded some newspaper into the base of the container and set on top a small glass vase filled with water. I chose not to use floral foam, so I gridded (criss-cross pattern with stems) the carnations into the vase to create a pave.

one of the finished arrangements.


The owner really likes roses for the main dining room, and I was told that deep red colors are preferred. The closest thing to the color burgundy is Black Magic roses. They are one of my favorite type of roses (beside Big Fun), and when they open they look like velvet..just gorgeous. The roses were paired with seasonal Bittersweet. Bittersweet is great. It is a tangled vine of berries, and can stay beautiful when dried. When the berries open they are a distinctive orange color.


Later on Tuesday, I went by a hair salon on Market street to install a fresh arrangement. The owners like one simple arrangement on the main counter. They also prefer seasonal fruits on stem, and interesting and unusual pods and flowers that are long lasting.

I used echinacea pods, yellow peppers and leucadendron for the main arrangement. In the smaller bud vases for the work stations I paired the remaining echinacea pods with crespedia (aka Billy’s Balls).