Yellow & Green

I was asked by a designer I assist, to do the floral installation at one of her accounts. This is my third time and I really feel it is my favorite thus far.

I love the choice of yellow with a touch of green. The arrangement includes flax leaves (zebra grass not available), oncidium orchids (also known as Ballroom dancers), green persimmons (un ripe) and yellow freesia.

Anniversary Flowers

Here are a few of the flowers I was given, as part of an Anniversary bouquet. Knowing I like to arrange the flowers my self,  I’m generally given a very nice mixed bunch of different flowers. I really enjoy that. I really enjoy the romantic thought as well….I was so happy to see Echinacea pods in the mix, along with red Roses, Sunflowers, Orchids, Hydrangea and Anthirium. Can’t say he was thrilled to see some of the flowers get “chopped down”, but alas there were flowers in almost every room..


I assisted with a gorgeous wedding in Tiburon this past weekend. The weather couldn’t have been lovelier and the flowers turned out amazing. There were a few stems left over that I was happy to take home and fashion into a short full arrangement.

Above is Dusty miller with lemon yellow Dahlias. I’ve seen so much of Dahlias this Summer (as they are in season) and you’d think by now I’d be tired of them, but I am not. They are still my absolute favorite flower.

Pink spray roses look great with the Dusty Miller. This whole arrangement has brightened my formerly dull, bedside table.

I love that I found these square vases at Ross for next to nothing.