Yellow at Coco

A Floral designer I work with asked me to do the flowers at one of her restaurant accounts this past Monday. She ordered the flowers and I had the lucky task of getting to the SF Flower Market by 7 a.m. The Market is open at 4 a.m., so by 7 the action has fizzled out. I love going to the market…It is truly a flower lovers dream.

She chose all yellow, which coincidentally is the color I worked with last time I did the arrangement at Coco. The burst of color is a much-needed element in this non-Summer weather we are having. The consistent forecast of foggy, damp and dark is becoming tiresome..Hello Yellow!

Spider mums for the table arrangements

The bar arrangement consisted of:

Mini Callas, Bittersweet, Pincushion protea, Grass and Lemons on the stem. The lemons were a bit heavy, so some of them dropped off the stem. I clustered them in front of the vase.

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