Cut Jasmine

I love the smell of Jasmine wafting in the air. I also love having the smell of Jasmine indoors. Forget scented candles, this is the ultimate fresh, floral smell. Slightly sweet, a touch spicy. Very clean and fresh. Reminds me a little of Thai food (wink). The sweet and spicy bit that is.

What’s better than a cut Jasmine vine tangled in a tall vase. Simple, easy, natural. Love it.

Water Terrarium

The previous succulent clippings have out grown the bowl so I thought it was time to plant them in dirt and add new clippings. Here is the new addition to the water terrarium.

Included is a stem from a passion-flower vine, which seems to do well in water, but I couldn’t seem to get it to root in soil..

Also a few interesting pink and green succulent type stems I picked up on a walk at Richardson bay. The tall green succulent is actually from the previous lot and I picked that up a few months ago while in Napa, walking along Washington street. I couldn’t resist!

Lady Slipper Orchid

The lovely floral designer I assist during the week sent me home with these beauties. They were given to her as extras at the Flower Market and she wanted me to have them. So kind! I have never seen cut Lady Slipper Orchids, but here they are in all their glory..

She gave me several stems and I have arranged them in various vases around the house. I can’t help but think of the artist Clark Sorensen who designs urinals in the shape of orchids and other flowers. They are truly amazing! Here is a Lady Slipper design (below) from his web page.

New Succulent Plants

My succulent collection is slowly growing again. I have a friend that is moving from the city to Marin and wanted to give some plants away. These are gorgeous and I was delight to get them off her hands. They are also varieties I’ve never had the pleasure to grow.

As well, the lovely floral designer I assist once a week, was kind enough to send me home with a few succulents as well. I can’t wait to see how these little spiky plants multiply!