Wild. Flowers

This flowering plant is growing alongside the highways and I can’t help but be enchanted by the tiny yellow flowers attached to the branches which seem to grow in no particular order. The pattern is all its own. The growth reminds me of Pencil Plant (cactus family).

On a walk today I did my civic duty (of trimming and pruning) by cutting back some of this wild yellow plant. I had enough to fashion into several arrangements, including this one (above) with a curious pink flower.

I was running along the mountain trail and seriously stopped right in my tracks. I really thought I had discovered  wild orchids growing up on the mountain and was kicking myself for not bringing my pocket knife. Upon closer inspection this pink bloom is attached to a vine that is flat and light in weight.

I took enough to arrange in vases as well as to pop into soil. I am really hoping this clipping roots, as I’d love it growing wild across the balcony.


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